Amy Edwards holding a small joey

Dr Amy Edwards

Animal Sexpert!

Project Officer, Zoology
NSW Parks and Wildlife Service

Young Tassie Scientists 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2020

On my sister’s 10th birthday, she got a microscope kit as a gift; I was so jealous. I used to sneak into the cupboard and take it out of the box when she wasn’t around. I remember looking at bugs, vegies that mum had cut up for dinner and sometimes different flowers I found in the garden. I’ve always known I wanted to be a scientist, but to this day I cannot tell you where my next science journey will take me!

I grew up in Far North Queensland, and went through school with a love of science, drama and sport! When I moved to Brisbane to attend the University of Queensland I decided I wanted to study chemistry or physics. The next year I changed my mind and started studying biology! After graduating with a Bachelor of Science and a double major in ecology and zoology, I signed up for a year-long research project, where I would spend months on end living with 250 kangaroos and 1 other person!

After this, I got my first science job. I was working in a laboratory measuring the wings of fruit flies, which was enough to show me that I didn’t want to be a geneticist! I moved down to Hobart to the University of Tasmania, and began a PhD looking at how a mothers’ body decides if she will have a boy baby or a girl baby. This was fascinating, and I got to travel to Africa and to England for my work!

I’ve recently moved to Melbourne to work at La Trobe University, and even now I can’t decide what I want to do! I’m working on light pollution effects in small marsupial mice, looking at reproduction in wallabies on Kangaroo Island, and helping out with a project on microbats!

I love that science takes me on new adventures, and that I never have to lose the curiosity that I had when I was growing up – even now, I sneak into other people’s laboratories and borrow their microscopes when they aren’t looking!

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