Jonty Dehnert

Conservation is key!

I'm from: Launceston, Tasmania
Current Location: Perth, Tasmania
Position: Conservationist, UTAS Sustainability, Tamar NRM
Field of research/work: Geography
YTS Years: 2024

Jonty's Notable career moments

  • Studied furniture design at UTAS

  • Got interested in land management and conservation

  • Started Environmental Science at the University of Newcastle

  • Transferred to the University of Tasmania

  • Started to talk about science with community groups

  • Started a research project on Protected Area Conservation

About Jonty Dehnert

I like being outside, and have always been passionate about wild places. In the winter of 2018, I was hiking in one of my favourite wild places- the Barrington Tops in New South Wales. As I walked the ancient rainforests and alpine swamps, I felt small, tiny. Standing on a 65-million-year-old volcano, eroded down with time, I was a single person, smaller even than a termite on the top of a mound. Although, like a termite helping build a mound, I was suddenly very sure of my place in the world and what I had to do.

My place was outside, conserving wild places.

But first! I needed to know things. Outside things. This led to enrolling in an environmental science degree, before finally finding my place studying natural environment and conservation at UTAS.

I have been fortunate enough to learn amazing things about the natural environment from some amazing scientists and educators, and undertake projects aimed at increasing biodiversity, conserving habitat, bush regeneration, and education. I enjoy researching new conservation techniques, but generally can’t wait to take those techniques into the field, getting soil under my fingernails and feeling the wind on my face.
I am deeply connected to Tasmania and feel very fortunate that I get to spend my time caring for a range of Tasmanian places that range from farmland to small local reserves and gardens. I love communicating these ideas to those around me and hope to foster nature connections and conservation wherever I can!

Jonty's Photo Gallery