About YTS

Find Out What Scientists Really Do.

The Young Tassie Scientists program helps early career researchers and professionals who are passionate about their work to connect with the Tasmanian community in a variety of ways.

They visit schools around Tasmania and share their work through talks and talks and activities. They also participate in community science festivals and expos as ambassadors for science during National Science Week.

The Young Tassie Scientists program

  • Shares engaging presentations by inspiring role models – showing students to a connection between studying science at school and career opportunities,
  • provides teachers with opportunities to strengthen their knowledge of current research done here in Tasmania
  • provides early career researchers with opportunities to build their science communication skills
  • shares insights into the life and work of scientists and science-related professionals with the wider community.

Since 2017 the Young Tassie Scientists program has consistently reached an audience of over 27,000 Tasmanians every August. That’s 5% of the Tasmanian population who has spoken with a Young Tassie Scientist face-to-face as part of National Science Week!

The Young Tassie Scientists program is proudly supported by the University of Tasmania and the Australian Government through National Science Week funding.

National Science Week is Australia’s annual celebration of science and technology, raising community awareness of the value and relevance of science and encouraging young people to be fascinated by the world we live in.

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