Victoria Roy


Bloody Good Science!!!

I'm from: Cairns, Queensland
Current Location: Tasmania, Australia
Position: Student, Master of Laboratory Medicine, University of Tasmania
Field of research/work: Haematology and Microbiology
YTS Years: 2024

Victoria's Notable career moments

  • Left my hometown, Cairns, to attend UTAS

  • Got my first university degree

  • Studied Fly Brains for a year

  • Was knocked back after being told I wasn’t a passionate scientist

  • Moved away from science to work at an eye clinic for a year

  • Grand return to the world of science

  • Finishing Master’s and joined YTS!!!!

About Victoria Roy

What do vampires and medical scientists have in common? They both know that blood is the “life” of the party! Blood is the bright red fluid that flows in every single person. It’s the bustling highway of the body that transports cells, nutrients, and oxygen to every part of the body. All of us have blood and there is a special code on our red blood cells that divides people’s blood into groups. Blood groups can be especially important in helping people when they are sick and need a blood donation. To discover what blood group someone is we use science.

I first got interested in science when I was in school. I was fascinated by how the world worked, from tiny microorganisms to the enormity of the planets. Science offered the answers to so many mysteries. At University I got to learn about the science that makes humans work, and how we can use this knowledge to make sure people get the best help when they are sick. I love that medical science can be used to help people across every walk of life.

When I’m not studying the intricacies of the human body, I spend my free time baking or attending Salsa class (even though I’m not a very good dancer). And I always make sure to donate blood whenever I can!

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