Thomas Lewis


Brain Electrician

I'm from: South Australia
Current Location: Hobart, Tasmania
Position: PhD candidate, College of Health and Medicine, University of Tasmania
Field of research/work: Neuroscience
YTS Years: 2022

Thomas's Notable career moments

  • Did not decide to start Uni until 23 years old

  • Started a biotechnology degree

  • Wanted to be a Medical doctor so transferred into medical science

  • Completed an honours year and realized I enjoyed research

  • Opted for a PhD instead of a medical doctorate

About Thomas Lewis

Ever wondered how your brain communicates to perform so many different tasks without getting confused? Your brain is basically just a big computer that sends lots of electrical impulses, or signals, from brain cells (neurons) to other brain cells, and the site where this happens is called the synapse. Synapses have different responses depending on the type of signal being received, but not only this they can also change their shape and size (much like how your phone company keep changing your phone charging ports and cords) which can change how they respond to a signal!
My research looks at the disease Multiple Sclerosis, where an insulating substance is removed from the sending part (axons) of neurons. This insulation is very important as it helps with the sending of electrical signals and protects the brain cell from being damaged and eventually dying. I look at how losing this insulation changes how these brain cells respond. I have always been interested in the brain and now I get to look inside it and understand how individual brain cells work. Not only this but I also get to recreate these brain cells in virtual reality and sometimes even build them.

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