Sarah Sawyer


Professional Band-aid Applicator

I'm from: Hawkesbury Valley, New South Wales
Current Location: North West Coast of Tasmania
Position: Paramedic, Ambulance Tasmania
Field of research/work: Previously neurobiology, currently prehospital cardiogenic shock
YTS Years: 2017 2019 2020 2021 2024

Sarah's Notable career moments

  • Visited UTAS on a whim as a Year 11 student

  • Completed and published research in neurobiology at UTAS

  • Decided against a PhD and travelled to London to retrain in midwifery and cord blood collection

  • Changed my mind again and re-qualified as a paramedic

  • Moved back to UK and developed maternity training for my Trust

  • Moved back to Tassie and working on road as a paramedic

About Sarah Sawyer

I have always had a passion for people. Whether it’s looking after their brains, their babies, or their blood… I’ve made it my mission to care for them. This has taken me from neuroscience (studying the brain), to midwifery (delivering babies), to stem cell transplantation (giving sick people with cancer new cells to survive)… and now finally, I am a paramedic (yes, I work in an ambulance!).

I have had the pleasure and the privilege to go where the wind takes me. I started my career in Hobart, drifted to London, and finally returned to regional NSW. My career as a paramedic allows for me to look after sick and injured people in their time of need. I create order out of chaos – it’s my specialty.

Whilst I am a paramedic, I am also a researcher. I am currently looking into how we take care of people during a heart attack, and how we can make our treatment better. I hope that what I find can help my future patients and their health.

I can’t wait to meet you all! Remember, if someone ever tells you that you can’t have it all, they’re wrong. Never stop learning, make a change and be good at it. As us paramedics always say – improvise, adapt, and overcome!

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