Niam Askey-Doran


Deep Earth Detective

I'm from: Hobart, Tasmania
Current Location: Hobart, Tasmania
Position: PhD candidate, School of Natural Sciences, University of Tasmania
Field of research/work: Antarctic geophysics
YTS Years: 2021 2022

Niam's Notable career moments

  • Huge science nerd as a kid

  • Gained work experience in a medical research lab

  • Began studying medical research

  • Changed focus to maths and physics

  • Discovered a love for science outreach and communication

  • Finished honours project using maths to study the brain

  • Changed fields again and began a PhD in Antarctic Geophysics

About Niam Askey-Doran

Our Earth is constantly changing. Right now, there are landscapes being reshaped by volcanic activity, mountains being formed, and continents drifting and colliding. In some places, moving glaciers are carving new valleys, and the land is changing shape as it is relieved of the weight of melting ice sheets. The Earth is constantly changing, and as its residents it is important that we try to understand these changes.

That’s where scientists like you and me come in! My job is to try to work out what the earth looks like hundreds of kilometres beneath the surface. I am particularly interested in the earth beneath Antarctica. As the ice in antarctica melts, the earth beneath antarctica responds and changes shape, which can in turn increase or decrease the rate at which the ice sheets fall into the sea. Understanding how the earth beneath Antarctica changes can help us to measure ice loss and make predictions about how much Antarctic ice may melt in the future as a result of climate change.

I’ve always had an interest in science, but never knew exactly what I wanted to study. One of the cool things about being a scientist though is that you’re never locked in to learning about one topic. If you’re curious enough you can learn about anything you like, and you get to see how different sciences are connected.

I hope that my work can help us to better deal with the effects of climate change. I also hope to one day go to Antarctica! Outside of my work, I enjoy hiking and playing Inline Hockey.

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