Arjun J Nair

The Invincible Tassie Stark

I'm from: India
Current Location: Hobart, Tasmania
Position: PhD candidate, Menzies Institute of Medical Research, University of Tasmania
Field of research/work: Public Health Engineering
YTS Years: 2024

About Arjun J Nair

I didn’t plan to become a scientist, I really wanted to become a real-life superhero (minus the cape, of course. Who wants to wash and dry a cape in India’s monsoon season? Ew!) Then, BAM! Iron Man comes out in theatres. I saw Tony Stark in his lab, surrounded by high-tech gadgets and holograms. That’s when I knew my destiny – to learn how to build my own mechanical suit of armor! So, I became an engineer, specialising in mechatronics (that’s building robots!). I basically became a real-life Tony Stark (minus the billionaire part) and it turns out, Mechatronics Engineering is way more useful than a Cape for everyday life!

Then, Marvel inspired me again, when Iron Man got a nanotech upgrade! Mind. Blown. I dove headfirst into nanotechnology (technology that is VERY tiny!), playing with nanoparticles like they were fancy marbles (turns out, they’re way smaller and far easier to lose under the couch!), but the cool suit was still missing!

What was I missing? More study! You see, Tony Stark has a PhD! (They should call him Dr. Stark, and you better believe they’ll call me Dr. Arjun when I’m done). So here I am, studying deeply, to unlock the secrets of Science and Engineering, so that one day, maybe I’ll build that awesome suit (for research, of course).

Just like Iron Man uses his brilliant mind to protect the world, I am trying to use engineering skills to make the world a better place. Not just building cool gadgets; but also working on projects that can help solve real-world problems. Like making more efficient wood burners, and developing new technologies for better community health.

After all, superheros are all about making life better for everyone, right?!

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