Alyce Hennessy


I Come from the Land Down Under

I'm from: Tasmania
Current Location: Devonport
Position: Visitor Services Officer (Cave Guide), Biosecurity Inspector, Tasmania Parks and Wildlife Service, Biosecurity Tasmania
Field of research/work: Speleogy
YTS Years: 2019 2020 2021 2022

Alyce's Notable career moments

  • Discovered I wanted a career in environmental science at 'The Science Experience'

  • Graduated with Bachelor of Science

  • Started YTS and fell in love with science communication

  • Graduated with Zoology Honours (researched bats in plantations)

  • Started working as a Biosecurity Inspector and Cave Guide

About Alyce Hennessy

“Did you know there are over 2,000 caves in Tasmania! Tasmania has some of the largest and deepest caves in Australia. Some people think caves are dark and scary, but I think they are beautiful places that hold incredible secrets just waiting to be uncovered.

I love caves because they involve a variety of scientific fields. The study of caves is ‘speleology’, yet rocks within caves can be studied by geologists, animals within caves can be studied by zoologists, and chemists can study the chemical reactions involved in the growth of speleothems (cave formations such as stalactites and stalagmites). Caves have cool critters too! Many cave insects have special adaptations for living in the dark. They become so adapted to the cave environment they cannot survive anywhere else.

I’ve always had a passion for nature and the outdoors. I have fond memories walking through Tasmania’s beautiful forests with my family. I’ve been able to observe whales, echidnas, bandicoots and various birds from my house! In Grade 10, I was given the opportunity to complete Rotary Tasmania’s Science Experience at the University of Tasmania. One of the speakers showed images of students headfirst down crayfish holes and riding helicopters to visit wetlands. I’m quite an adventurous person and I thought it looked super cool! This inspired me to pursue a Bachelor of Science with Honours in Zoology at the University of Tasmania. I studied bats for my Honours project, so you might have seen me as the bat lady in previous years with Young Tassie Scientists! Following my passion for the outdoors and science communication, I applied for a role as a Cave Guide at Mole Creek Caves. Now, I have the joy of showing visitors the wonders of Marakoopa and King Solomons Caves (see link below):

Mole Creek Karst – cave tours | Parks & Wildlife Service Tasmania
I can’t wait to talk to you about caves. Hopefully you’ll fall in love with caves too.”

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