Gayathry Krishnamurthy


Gene Genie!

I'm from: Kerala, India
Current Location: Hobart
Position: PhD Candidate, Menzies Institute for Medical Research, UTAS
Field of research/work: Cardiovascular Disease
YTS Years: 2023

Gayathry's Notable career moments

  • Age 9, Curious about all living things .

  • Age 14, Biology became my bae in high school.

  • Age 18, Explored bioengineering at university.

  • Age 22, Moved to Aus and studied more about our body's building blocks.

  • Age 24, Uncovered the secret work of genes using computers.

  • Age 25, Joined a bunch of scientists to study more about genes.

About Gayathry Krishnamurthy

I used to think scientists were all about wearing lab coats and doing experiments, silly me!

I never knew that science could also be done just by using computers, just me and my trusty keyboard! It was like finding a secret shortcut to a whole new world of scientific adventures. So, armed with my trusty laptop, I unlocked the secrets of a fantastic branch of biology called computational genomics.

My curiosity about genes -the magical codes that make everything alive and unique- grew stronger. This made me want to be a gene scientist. It’s like being an explorer, uncovering the hidden wonders within the genes of plants, animals, and even humans! With my brainpower and computer, I can unravel the mysteries of life itself, like a genius wielding superpowers.

Let’s dive into one of those mysteries: preeclampsia. It’s a health issue that can happen to some women when they’re pregnant, causing sudden increase in their blood pressure. In our grand game of life, it’s like a secret code that makes a mom-to-be feel not-so-great.

But have no fear!

As a Gene Genie, I’m on a mission to discover the secret gene codes that could be behind this, using my powers of analysis. But that’s not all… I’m also exploring how these same secret codes could influence the risk of heart disease as some mums get older!

It’s like solving a wonderous puzzle that can help us protect lives. I dive into the fantastic realm of information, searching for clues within these gene codes. By understanding these genes better, we can work towards finding super cool cures for these diseases.

Remember, science is like real-life magic. It allows us to uncover the hidden wonders of the world and use that knowledge to make amazing discoveries that benefit everyone. So, keep exploring, stay curious, and let the wonder of science guide you on this fantastic journey.

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